Maya Sunny Honey Terms and Conditions

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Prices and Payment

Items will not be sent until full payment is made.

All transactions on this site are in AUS dollars.

The price of each item is displayed on the item description.



Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website. However, from time to time, product availability may change from time to time depending on the season. 

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure these items are maintained in stock, the highly specialised nature of some products can result in delays. Maya Sunny Honey products are freshly harvested and not stored in large bulk. Our honeycomb is handcrafted by our working bees. The production of the honeycomb sometimes may take slightly longer, but the product you are receiving is that much more special as it’s coming straight from the hive.

Please consult our sales team to check the availability of products if required urgently.

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